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Riders For A Cause

As previously shared with our friends, donors, benefactors and community, RFAC had postponed or cancelled all scheduled events due to factors related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  The RFAC 2020 Black Tie Tour is among the events that had been postponed.  Originally scheduled for June 7, 2020, the RFAC 2020 Black Tie Tour would have been only a couple weeks away and the registration and planning process was deep in development.  The foggy estimates for the end of mitigation programs like ‘social distancing’, ‘masking’, and ‘crowd limitations’, combined with the limited goods and services available due to work stoppages and vendor closures, made it impossible to schedule a date in 2020 for a ride and event the magnitude of our Black Tie Tour.  COVID-19 interrupted a lot of things in this world, but it did not interrupt the curses of cancer including those upon the families, friends and neighbors of the RFAC community.


The RFAC 2020 Black Tie Tour is back on! 

RFAC will not be thrown off of our saddles due to COVID-19 or any other disruptions as long as we have people in our community fighting cancer.

The tour will be run as a fun and exciting virtual event.  Our goal is to raise as much money for cancer patients as possible through the registrations, sponsorships and donations that we can all muster.

Our goal…  In the year 2020 we want to have ridden 20,020 miles (2020…get it?) while raising $50,000.  Together we can do it!

The RFAC 2020 Black Tie Tour will be Virtual this year.  Go to the Events page on this site for details.

Riders for a Cause is a charitable organization headquartered in the United States of America and assigned Certificate of Inc, (Non Profit) issued by the NJ Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services.



Who We Are and What We Do

Our Mission:

Riders For A Cause is a local, independent, all volunteer organization dedicated to help our neighbors afflicted with the physical and emotional consequences of cancer and other debilitating conditions.

Riders For A Cause, Inc. was established to aid and assist families dealing with the burden of cancer in their families. We are an independent non – profit organization which seeks to help families affected by cancer to receive funds that can be used in any way they deem best to help make transparent the devastating effects on the lives of all those affected by caring for a family member afflicted by this terrible disease. Riders for a Cause is also deeply committed to assisting healthcare facilities improve their care for patients and families affected by cancer. Our goal is that while cancer research and improved therapies are developed, we will help families mitigate the devastating effects of cancer until an inoculation and cure is found.


You can help Riders For A Cause by signing up with AmazonSmile.  They will donate .5% of the cost of your eligible purchases to our charity.